The American Grand Cru Society® has a mission to identify and recognize our great American vineyards. The process first requires vineyard sites to be qualified and become officially nominated. This application is a first step. (Sorry, no incomplete applications will be considered and no time commitments for action are provided.)

Vineyards recognized as American Grand Cru Society® nominated vineyards are listed in our public database. Officially nominated vineyards have the privilege of using that status recognition in related promotional business practices as agreed to at that time with the Society at no cost. The Society periodically convenes independent panels of experts to review lists of nominated vineyards and to provide final recognition recommendations. Nominated Vineyards chosen for full recognition are also provided the following benefits:

  • Recognized vineyard owner(s) and wine makers making wines exclusively from recognized vineyards will have rights to use the appropriate trademark(s) (example – California Grand Cru®) at no charge subject to final sign off by the Society in writing.
  • Recognized vineyards are identified on our website, in press releases, and shared with wine consumers and trade publications.
  • Fully recognized vineyards will have these privileges for an initial (5) year period after which are subject to renewal process requirements.

Application Request for American Grand Cru Society® Vineyard Nomination

    Section 1

  • (Weight is given to those recognized with impressive trade credentials and reputations.)
  • Section 2

  • Vineyard sites are considered for Grand Cru status by the Society without prejudice for whether the owners or vineyard growers produce wine. The following questions are for those who produce wines from their nominated vineyards. If you do not produce any wines from the vineyard (100 percent of the fruit is sold to others), please proceed directly to Section 3.

    The Society favors producers who allow the terroir of their site to express itself fully in the wines they produce. Practices designed to artificially impart characteristics, or results in stripping any unique characteristics that relate to the place of origin are fully discouraged.
  • Section 3

  • The following information does not reflect within criteria requirements to become recognized for Grand Cru status. It will, however, allow our panel of experts to better understand your goals and standards and can add additional support if impressive and well presented.
  • Contact Information